Close up of a beautiful, old violin that is currently being restored by master appraiser David Bonsey.
What We Do

Appraisals, restorations, repairs & more

We’ve appraised instruments that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. What’s yours worth? We can help you estimate the value of your string instrument for an extremely affordable price. We’re also experts in bow family string instrument making, restorations, and repairs. Take a look at our service offerings & pricing below.

String Instrument Appraisals

Do you have a family heirloom that needs to be appraised? Did you come up on an instrument that you think has value, but aren’t quite sure. Are you a musician that needs your insure your valuable instrument against loss or theft? We can help! Our appraisal rates are as follows:

Starting flat rate of $100 (additional charges may be necessary for research on previously undocumented instruments or bows).

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